Perfect Utopia Values

Topics: Law, Human rights / Pages: 4 (832 words) / Published: Nov 14th, 2016
Goals, Values, and Citizens.
My perfect utopia would be similar to a nation state, with the only difference that it would have people from all over the world sharing the same goals, values, and concepts. The main focus for my utopia would be choosing the citizens. As I said before, race or skin color is not a priority for the citizens, we want people understanding each other and following the same fundamental values and goals. One fundamental value of my utopia would be freedom equals responsibility for each citizen. I want people to be free and I want people to pursue their dreams and do what they really want as long as they don’t do any damage to the society. Also, every citizen should have individual responsibilities along with all the
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There won’t be a government or rulers in my utopia. However, there would a house of representatives that would only be there to make sure that no decision taken or law approved breaks the fundamental values and goals of the utopia. The citizens would be the ones making the decisions and all these decisions would have to be selected via the right of vote so that way it is fair for everybody. However, all of these decisions would have to follow the fundamentals values and goals stated on the first paragraph, and if for any reason the citizens decide to make a decision or approve a law that doesn’t follow the fundamental values then it would be immediately turned down. The economy would work in a way that everybody would contribute to the community equally. Taxes would vary from 10-20 % depending on how much money you make. Those taxes taken from the people would be used to build schools, colleges, libraries; also, to maintain the public places in good shape and to make sure that public transportation, education, and food are as affordable as possible. The major fundamental rights of the citizens of my utopia would be:
1.) Right to vote (Unless you are sentenced for criminal offences, in accordance with the law)
2.) Every citizen is equally protected by the law. The law is the same for every citizen, regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.
3.) Everybody has the right to privacy. Nobody has the right to come into other citizen’s home without their permission, or harm their family under any

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