Perfect Nation State

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Perfect Nation State: Japan
Colonial History
Japan was a colonizer of Korea when Korea decided to sign the 1910 annexation treaty with Japan. The Emperor of Korea declared sovereignty to the Emperor of Japan. When the Japanese Emperor hears this, he changes the treaty to, annexation of Korea and the Empire of Japan. During WWII, the Japanese Empire forced Korean workers to immigrate to mainland Japan. many of these workers were killed due to harsh and dangerous conditions. This era is also known as Military Police Reign Era(1910- 1919) in which Police had the authority to rule entire country in every way. At the end of WWII, Japan was bombed and lost the war. This led to the Allied Powers and the U.S. controlling parts of Japan from 1945-1952. Independence

In 1952 Japan signed a treaty with the U.S. to gain back its independence. This treaty said that the U.S. would help Japan if they were under attack and the U.S. could set up many military ports and bases on Japanese islands. Government Formation

In 1947, Japan established a parliamentary system, with all adults eligible to vote. The emperor no longer has control, but is granted ceremonial status. In 1955, they formed the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which was in control for over 50 years. This rule ended in 2009 when the Democratic Party of Japan won the general election by a landslide. International Cooperation

Currently, Japan still has troubles with China and South Korea. Many of the problems with China are because of trade disputes. Some of the islands in the East China Sea have caused conflict between Japan and China, because both countries are trying to claim this land. Many of Japan's problems with South Korea have been territorial disputes. In 2001, Japan imposed import tariffs on Chinese agricultural products. To get back at Japan , China imposed import taxes on Japanese vehicles and other manufactured goods which could cause an economical problem for Japan. Japan currently...
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