Perfect House

Topics: Shower, Bathroom, Rooms Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: October 3, 2007
My Dream House

If I were able to build my absolute dream house, there would be one thing that would have to be true: it would be in my original hometown: London, England. Any place would be finding, but this is my dream house. My dream house would be located somewhere on the River upon Thames. There are many areas that are on the banks of the River upon Thames, but my ideal location would be in the Richmond upon Thames district. It is a very quiet and countryside area, but is not seemingly cut-off from the rest of civilization. It is what is referred to as the "metropolitan country side". The entertainment district my house would be near would be the West End shopping district.

In my neighborhood, I would generally not want many neighbors living near me. My property would be very exclusive, partially due to the price of the lots. Even though I wouldn't often converse with my neighbors, they would be very peaceful, hospitable and friendly.

On the outside, my house would be beautifully landscaped. I would have two Japanese maple trees framing the walk-up path. Around the rest of the house, I would have a lot of shrubs of the holly variety. With every couple of holly bushes, there would be red, white, and black magic rose bushes planted. The grass would be very lush and green, and would not burn easily when the temperature rises. I hate burned grass.

The materials that my house would build out of would be brink concealed with ivory colored French plaster. Along with the materials, the style of my house would be a very unique and equally difficult style. It would be a combination of a chalet bungalow and a Tuscany villa. I think these styles are not only functional, but are stylish for the type of lifestyle I want.

The special features that I would want are the "infinity pool". The infinity pool is a pool with walls that a very level with the height of the water; thusly, the water looks like it is falling over the edge and doesn't seem to end. With the...
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