Perfect Family

Topics: Family, Marriage, Education Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Bishnu Bajgain

John Fisher


21 September 2012
Title: Education makes Equalities
After reading the articles “I Don’t the Case Against Marriage” by Jessica Bennet and Jesse Ellison and “The Perfect Family, ” by Alice Hoffman, I have found out that the role of men and women in the united states has changed over the years. I feel that this changed because of education, and I think that the education is the main model that helps women overcome inequality between the men and women. Most family life isn’t perfect, and there is always something to improve. Despite the perfect family that the author saw on the television everyday when she was growing up in the 50s, as Hoffman describe in the essay, there were twists and turns to the families than grins and cheers. While comparing families from decade ago there have been lots of changes with positive progress in today’s world, but women’s equality can improve more because of education, and education can bring lots of changes to families. An education builds possibilities where women and men can be equal. Education builds a situation where women know more of their rights. For example, in her article Hoffman says, “People stay married forever back then (Hoffman. page, 275). ”According to this statement from “The Perfect Family,” we can’t just predict that families in the 50s were the perfect families; women stayed with their husbands forever back then because they were totally dependent on their husbands financially. Today women are educated and they know if they even get a divorce they can still have a better career. Additionally, because there are more divorces does not mean that things are worse than before. What it does mean is that women are more educated and can determine what is wrong and what is right for them. Women’s life style, social trends and their issues have dramatically changed over the years. “No women we know would date a man who’d force her into the kitchen- and even Steinem eventually...
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