Perfect Birthday Party

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Name: Debby Syefira
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Perfect Birthday Party
Having a perfect birthday party is important to please people who has birthday. It will create beautiful and meaningful memories in their life. In order to create perfect birthday party, people need to follow these steps such as deciding the invited guess, having the location, and predicting the budget. First of all, people need to consider who will attend the party. This is a crucial step as it will lead people to decide the location of the party. If there are lot of guess then people would need a more spacious place, especially if most of the guess are young people since they tend to move a lot. After determining who will attend the party, people can decide the location of the party. Before one chooses the location they need to consider whether the concept of the party is indoor or outdoor. If they want to choose the outdoor concept they can choose your backyard, garden, central park or their swimming pool area to be their location of the party. Holding the party outside is good especially if the weather is nice. Also, it is more spacious and would cost less. If people prefer to have indoor party they can rent a dining hall, a restaurant or even their own living room. By having the party inside, it will prevent unpredicted weather. The last step is to predict the budget for the party. After people deciding the location and knowing who will attend the party they can do the calculation of the budget. Budgeting includes cost for renting the venue, the consumption, souvenir, decoration and birthday cake. In this step they need to be wise and careful to arrange the budget. Listing the materials needed, it can help them spend their money wisely and not to buy unnecessary goods. If people cannot control their budget they will run out of money. So, to avoid this they need to know how much money do they have to hold the party, list all the materials needed for the party and avoid to buy something that is...
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