Peresepolis the Story of a Childhood

Topics: Graphic novel, Comics, Marjane Satrapi Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 11, 2010
To the human eye Persepolis can seem to be only a graphic novel of black and white comic strips with little literary value but it is much more. A graphic novel written from the perspective of a young girl in Iran, Persepolis offers a large amount of valuable information on the Islamic Revolution. The Ithacan Newspaper claims that Persepolis is only a little more then an advanced comic book, but it offers way more then a comic book. Persepolis gives students an insight to the turmoil in Iran during the nineteen hundreds. College students should read Persepolis to gain a better understanding of Islamic Culture and the hardships of Marjane Satrapi.

Persepolis may lack strong diction but the information Marjane provides us with makes up for it. Although this is a graphic novel it is nothing like a comic book you read for fun. Persepolis covers the Islamic Revolution, with very graphic detail and serious situations not commonly found in a comic like novel. Issues like executions, torture and different views on culture are part of Marjane’s life from a very young age. The Ithacan claims that Persepolis’ literary value falls short but college students need more then high literary value in a novel to keep them engaged. “But at some point, this idea of catering to different tastes only furthers the declining reading comprehension.”(Ithacan) The graphic novel consists of serious material that not everybody could pick up and read. It Persepolis provides the reader with information not found in simple comic books. When people think comic books they think fun, cartoons, and comedy. Although Marjane’s life does have some comedy to it, Persepolis is nothing like a laughter filled comic book. “The idea of a graphic novel goes against the grain of typical required reading”(Ithacan) Persepolis is an unforgettable novel about political turmoil and the Islamic Revolution that should be read by all college students regardless of the disagreement about going against...
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