Percy Jackson Research Paper

Topics: Leadership, Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu Pages: 6 (1463 words) Published: October 15, 2016

Personality decides how others treat an individual. It makes up identity, and who someone is. In order to be respected by others, a good personality is required. A good person is not always perfect, but they do always have perfect intentions. A person like that loves everyone no matter what, and extends their care to all people. The main objective of a good person is to make sure the people around them are comfortable with themselves, and know someone cares about them. So what makes a good person? A good person makes others feel better by being honorable, selfless, loving, and by leading others on the right path. They are true to themselves, and never falter in their beliefs.
If an individual has distorted values, it is hard to make a role...

One cannot fake being a good person, because then, truly you are not one. Goodness is something that comes from the heart. Being a caring person is not something that can be easily fabricated. It is in our DNA to protect the ones close to us, but not always the ones outside of the family. A good person does not care if they are related to the person they are trying to help. They extend their love and care to all people, no matter who they are. Percy Jackson, no matter what he faces, never leaves anyone behind. When Grover sacrifices his life so Percy could make it back to Olympus and stop the war from happening, Percy goes back for him. Percy never forgot about grover and showed that by going back to rescue him, they same way he rescued his mother. He stayed consistent in his character, and did the exact same thing he did for his mother to Grover. This leads back to the question of what makes a good person. Good people are born, not created. Believing what is right happens in the core, no matter how you are raised. It is part of who we are, and that is something that cannot be changed easily, and sometimes not changed at all. For someone to decide to be good, they good through an internal process, a process that people cannot externally...

When you care for other people, you want to make sure you influence them in the right way. That means staying consistent in your behaviour, and doing the right thing whenever a situation arises. When making choices like this, putting other people before yourself is key. A good person must be willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Making others feel better about themselves is also something required of a good person. Lastly, they must lead the others around them to make the right choices as well. A good person’s goal is to make groups of people act as one organism, and work together on one common goal. Overall, making everyone happier, making everyone more productive, and creating healthier relationships between...
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