Topics: Greek mythology, Zeus, The Lightning Thief Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Poseidon went to the Empire State Building to meet Zeus, there, Zeus was accusing Percy Jackson as the one who stole his lightning bolt. But Poseidon, as Percy’s father, denies Zeus’ accusation to his son. They have an agreement that Percy needs to return the bolt in 14days on midnight at the summer solstice or there will be war. Percy Jackson is a twelve-year-old who happens to have a ADHD is suffering from dyslexia. He’s been kicked out by many boarding school because of his *abnormalities* and this causes him some trouble. One day, they had a fieldtrip at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then suddenly, his math teacher turned into some monster and tries to attack and kill him. But Percy manages to get rid of it by the help of Mr. Brunner who is also his teacher. Percy thought that he was just hallucinating, but Mr. Brunner warned him and told him that they need to get out of there and go the camp half-blood, together with Sally, which happens to be his mom to be safe. As they travel along the way, together with his mom and Grover they are attacked by a minotaur and unfortunately, Sally, was caught and vanished by the wind. Percy tries to kill the minotaur but he passes out from exhaustion afterwards but they managed to go to camp half blood safely. The next day he woke up, he saw Grover and he found out that Grover is a satyr and Mr. Brunner is a Chiron. There, in camp half blood, Percy Jackson found out that he is the son of Poisedon who is the God of waters. There, he is introduced into a new world and there, he met Annabeth who is the daughter of Athena who is the Goddess of Wisdom and Luke, the son of Hermes. In camp half-blood, Percy also found out that the water can heal his wounds and even those people who he touches with. Later that night, while they are having a party, Hades shows up using the camp fire. He told Percy that he needs to bring the lightning bolt to him in order to save Sally. So at midnight, Percy decided to go to the underworld to get...
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