Percy Jackson

Topics: Greek mythology, Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

The purpose of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief movie is to entertain the audience and to make lots of money. I think the audience for this movie is family because it is a very adventure. It is adventures because Percy and his friends go on a big adventure to find the three pearls to save his mother and to return the lightning bolt. The movies start off with Percy holding his breath underwater for a long time. Percy goes to class and he has a substitute teacher. Then his school goes to a Greek museum and the substitute teacher attacks him and asks him where the lightning bolt. Mr. Brunner and Grover protect percy and tells him to go home then to go to camp half-blood. Grover takes Percy home to get his mom. Then they were driving to camp half blood and they got attack by a bull. Percy and Grover got through the gate but his mom can’t go through because she is not a half blood and the bull kills hers. Grover takes percy around the camp and they meet Annabeth and Luke. Luke gives them a map to find the three pearls and flying shoes and his shield. And then Percy, annabeth and Grover go on a quest to find the three pearls. The first pearl was in medusa lair. They killed her and took her head just in case they needed it. The secend pearl was on annabeth moms statue that was guard by the hydra. They killed it with medusa head and got the pearl. The third pearl was in las vegas lotus hotel and casino. These waitresses give them a lotus cake to eat and they forgot what they were doing. Percy’s dad talked to him in his head telling him not to eat the cake then Percy began to focus and remembered what he was doing and got annabeth and Grover to stop eating the cake and then they found the third pearl. They look at the map to see where the entree to the underworld is and it was on the Hollywood sign. They got to the underworld and Percy asks hades to bring his mom back. Hades brought his mom back and said that he would but...
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