Perceval Summary

Topics: Holy Grail, Fisher King, King Arthur Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 21, 2008
Upon meeting the damsel and hearing the story of the Fisher King, the young man learns that he has made a brutal mistake in not asking about the bleeding lance or the grail and as a result the Fisher King was not able to regain his health and govern his land. Then, when the damsel asks him for his name, the young man intuitively answers that he is Perceval the Welshman. The damsel, who claims to be Perceval’s cousin, continues on to inform him of his mother’s death and tells him that her death was caused by grief of him leaving home. Hearing this, Perceval changes his route to chase the knight who has slain his cousin’s lover. Before Perceval takes off, his cousin warns him about the sword that he had received from the Fisher King. She tells him that the sword will break in a great fight, and will not be repaired unless he goes to a smith named Trebuchet. On his way to find the knight, Perceval comes across a maiden in a terrible condition. When Perceval approaches her, she tells him that she is being tortured by the Haughty Knight, who is also her lover, and that he should flee before the knight comes to slay him. As Perceval is listening to the maiden’s warning, the Haughty Knight emerges from the woods and explains to Perceval why he is torturing the maiden. After hearing the knight’s explanation, Perceval realizes that he is the cause of the maiden’s agony, and tells the knight the truth and says that the maiden is innocent. Consequently, Perceval and the knight charge at each other, and the battle ends with the knight asking Perceval for mercy. After showing him mercy, Perceval tells the knight to help the maiden to restore her health, and then gives him the same instructions he gave to all the other knights he had defeated before. The Haughty Knight does everything according to Perceval’s instructions, including sending greetings to King Arthur. Upon hearing the Haughty Knight’s message, King Arthur is eager to find Perceval, and sets off in search for him....
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