Perceval and the Holy Grail

Topics: Holy Grail, Percival, Parsifal Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: October 24, 2013
Perceval left the castle with a task that no one had ever accompleshed before him, he must find the Grail and Lance. He deceided to begin by searching the forrest behind the castle, taking the dirt path that winded between the numorus trees. While searching Perceval comes apon a young boy sitting on a log ahead, he warely approached the boy. "Is everything okay?" Perceval asked as he stood ingfront of the boy, the boy had tears in his eyes.

"They took it" was all he replied, holding his face in his hands.
"Who took what?" Perceval asked sitting next to the boy.
"The small people, they took my lance!" He said crying into his hands, Perceval was unsure what the child ment by small people but did not want to up set him any more by asking. "My father had the lance, so I took it to play with then they took it from me!"

"What is your name? I will get your lance back" Perceval asked, completely forgetting his own task at hand.
"Liam, please hurry they went off in that direction!" Liam said pointing west, Perceval jumped up and started walking in the direction, his hand resting itself onto his sword on his waist. Suddenly Perceval came apon a large willow tree in an opening, he slowly approached the willow examining its beauty. Perceval took one last step torward the tree, when suddenly his foot was pulled out from under him, flipping him upside down and dangling him from above. Suddenly the beautiful willow opened, a group of small people unfamiliar to Perceval appeared circling him.

"Who are you small people?" Perceval demanded, attempting to slice the people but missing.
"I am Leofrick, and we are the guarders of the lance!" One of the dwarfs said, the others throwing up their little arms cheering "what are you doing in our part of the woods?"
"Looking for the thiefs that stole the young boys lance, I appear to have found them!" Perceval said taking another slice but slipping his grip and dropping his sword to the ground.
"Thiefs? That child stoll...
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