Perceptual Type of Knowledge: Social Cognition-Person Perception: Forming Impressions of Others by Al Tangcangco

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Causality Pages: 4 (1390 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Perceptual Type of Knowledge: SOCIAL COGNITION-Person Perception: Forming Impressions of Others by AL Tangcangco

I learned a lot from this topic, the discussions tell me more about the reality in life especially in giving impressions to the people we usually meet. I am presently working as a secondary teacher, a part-time college instructor and at the same time a hiring officer in a department store. The topic teaches me well, on how to give impression to the people around me specifically to my students, and also on how to select better applicants.

In terms of handling students I learned that, we don't have to judge them with the way they act inside the classroom alone. There are times that students act differently in the classroom setting because it is how, we teachers give an input or stimulus in the learning process. We have the so called primary effect and recency effect which greatly affect our judgement to a person. I had a student before, his name is Jay Ar, when I first met him I already thought he is intelligent because the moment I saw his scholastic record he did good in the previous year levels in the secondary. He came to my class in English IV for the first meeting, and I observed that some of his classmates are actively reciting and I saw him just listening and looking at us. I was shocked knowing that he is intelligent, why he is not participating in the discussion? What’s wrong with him? Is he not interested with the discussion?

The other meeting came, and he is still acting the same way, just listening to what we were discussing and I saw him just taking down notes. I was really puzzled and studied the situation. Using the primary effect, the effect on perception when information received early has a stronger impact than information received later. This effect motivated me much because seeing a good grade which he has shown me when he enrolled in my class has a very strong contact in giving him a grade later. That’s the time I...
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