Perceptions of an Older Adult

Topics: Understanding, Perception, Mind Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: October 1, 2010
My perception of the older adult is one that varies based on my many interactions with the generation. First and foremost, the older generation is a great source of wisdom and insight to life. They have many years of life experience and there isn’t much they have not seen or lived through, which is priceless. The stories that have been shared with me truly humble my spirit and have taught me to value what’s most important in life, family. I have found the older generation to be hilarious; they are brutally honest and full of life.

My involvement with seniors has shaped my opinion of them. As an elementary student (3rd grade) my class went to a retirement home weekly to play games, perform and just spend time with them. At an early age I gained an appreciation and respect for my elders. I have family members who are at the senior citizen age and are less mobile then they once were. I had an aunt who died at the age of 73. She was a woman who was use to living life on her terms but once she became terminally ill she often refused the help that was much needed. I was also a home health aide; I mostly helped seniors who had an injury that made daily activities difficult. Most of them was extremely pleasant and enjoyed having someone around to help out and interact with. Others felt that their space was being invaded and didn’t want any help. At times I became frustrated but I tried to look at things from their point-of-view, I can understand how accepting the changes they were forced to make can be difficult.

The perceptions of others at times can be demeaning, prejudice and inconsiderate. My reaction to their perception depends on the setting in which it occurs. For the most part, ones belief is based on their personal experiences or ignorance. If I feel a person is being intentionally harmful it is my duty to correct the disrespect. I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and thought but in my opinion we should be open to learning more about what we...
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