Perception Study of Students Towards Attendance and Learning

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Perception Of Students Towards Attendance And Its Relation To Learning


This is a report of a research of a research project carried out in collaboration with the faculty of SIESCOMS into the student perception of attendance. Also in this paper we estimate the effect of class attendance on exam perception of the students. The intentions of this project are:-

1. To discover if and how students were choosing not to engage with the academic process. 2. To explore why the students decide not to engage in learning by attending lectures. 3. The research do not intend to identify personal characteristics of those with poor attendance patterns, rather the purpose of this study was to explore student perception towards their own attendance. 4. We intend to compare the attendance records of students against their score averages. 5. We intend to conduct study on students from schools, colleges(graduation & post graduation) in Thane and Nerul and will be estimating the effect of class attendance on average scores and estimating correlation between the same. 6. Also we intend to investigate if the existence of an enforced attendance policy influenced the relation between attendance and test scores. 7. We wish to know if the students are making better use of their time by not attending classes and studying on their own with use of technology. 8. We also intend to look at the perception of student towards attendance and its effects on the grades from faculty point of view.’


1. It is a belief that motivation and ability to learn has a greater impact on academic achievement. 2. Importance of class attendance is always been stated in relation to learning and grades. 3. Students can and often provide reasons for not attending class including other responsibilities and priorities such as work or family obligation. 4. Hence to accomplish the goals of the study it is imperative to conduct a research study on whether attendance does or does not actually affect grades or performance.


There is a recent and rapidly growing appetite for figuring and out and accomplishing what we call “whole system reform” – how to improve all schools in a district, a region, a state, province of country. For a long time there has been the realization that a better education is the key to a better learning, better societal and global productivity, and personal and social well-being. Only recently are we beginning to see that interest turn into specific questions about how you actually go about the whole system reform. What pathways, from what starting points are going to get results? How do we actually raise the bar and close the gap for all students? And therefore it is very important to know and understand the perception towards attendance of students and its relation to learning. The most basic thing in understanding and bringing change to whether attendance of students within four walls of the classroom, affects the learning process of a child. It about understands the different aspects of learning process within the classrooms that leads to a better and quality education being provided to the students.


1. Perception of students towards attendance and to find out the common reasons for absentees. 2. Does low attendance result in lower performance or grades as compared to high attendance students? 3. Do students prefer online or distance learning programs rather than communicative classroom teachings. 4. Reflect the implications of enforced attendance policy.

Literature Review

* Author : Nicola Hughes
Objectives: To find out how strong the correlation is between attendance and success
1. Students were first classified into groups according to their attendance history. 2. Further they were analyzed according to gender.
3. Then their performance was measured
1. It was found, the student who had passed in...
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