Perception of Truth: What is Right or Wrong?

Pages: 3 (1192 words) Published: June 17, 2011
There are around 6,878,200,000 people living on this planet. Each one is unique, with unique minds. Of course, some cults will share the same idea(s), but if you would ask all the questions that exist, you can come up with (and that’s a lot), everyone will get a different result. Or just to put it in another way, everyone has something they strongly believe in, and they think that it is the truth. But other people will think it is total nonsense, but can´t argue why. This is called relativism. No, they base it on their own beliefs, and say that other ideas are just wrong. What a world we live in. You hear people say that we all live in the same world. Nonsense, that’s just physically true. We all live in our own worlds when it comes to knowledge. We are all unique, and that is what makes us humans. ‘There is just one life for us, our own’ . Thereby, I support the title of this essay. If you know something for sure, you tend to call that ‘the truth’. Some people say the truth exist, by saying that it is the truth if it is true for everyone, universally. First of all, this can’t be achieved, since we’re all individuals. And if, if, we can find something we can all agree on, is it the truth? The truth is abstract, can’t be seen, touched, smelled, or sensed in any way. So you can’t prove it exists. It’s a simple explanation, but if you keep on thinking about it, you can’t think up of an argument that can prove that truth exists. The definition of truth is ‘a fact that has been verified ’. Some things cannot be proven, although people keep on believing in it (such as the ‘does God exist’ issue). And if something has been verified, such as ‘My son was home at 3 am’, who says it’s true? Just because it has been confirmed as ‘truth’ does not say it is the truth. Maybe the person saying it is trying to protect him, by giving him an alibi. So just to say it in the short way, verification can be misused, so the ‘truth’ gets twisted. So the truth does not exist. We live in...
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