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Perception of Students on the School Unifrom

By ChubbyE123 Dec 13, 2012 1032 Words
Perception of Students on the School Uniform

The researchers would want to know if gender of students, economic status, price, design and color of the uniform affect the perception of students about the IHTM school uniform.

In other place abroad they have adopted a Uniform Policy that worked out well for them but others also disagrees with the said policy because in some way it deprives students and or even teachers to express themselves that sometimes it triggers violence. And for many, they think that requiring students to wear uniform is an added burden financially. Here are some studies, research and opinions from concerned teachers and Schools.

Bev Heller, a teacher at Fienberg-Fisher Elementary in Miami-Dade County told Education World, ”Wealthier students may own every uniform accessory and wear designer bracelets or shoes that light up; others –-if they do own uniforms –have very basic ones. Adopting uniforms certainly did not blur the socioeconomic lines in our student body.”

“Our school has had a mandatory uniform policy for three years, ”she continued.”There is a big sign in our school, ’Uniforms Mandatory,’ but not all the students wear them. Our student moves can be very expensive. Requiring school uniforms could be a hardship, especially on students who frequently move.”

The Effects of Students Uniforms on Attendance, Behavior Problems, substance use, and Academic Achievement, published in The Journal of Educational Research.

Long Beach Unified School District public information director Dick Van Der Laan, speaking about the successes achieved after initiating a uniform policy, says in the manual on the school uniforms, “We can’t attribute the improvement exclusively to school uniforms....” What has been found to decrease vandalism, school crime in general, and fights is using a combination of initiatives, one of which could be requiring students to wear uniforms. “Uniform policies may indirectly affect school environment and student outcomes by providing a visible and public symbol of commitment to school improvement and reform,” Brunsma told Education World.” They are not the sole factor responsible for the numerous behavioral and academic outcomes attributed to them.”

Book: Practical Strategies for School Principal; A collection of resources from the editors of education world; by Education World Incorporated.

In many schools, school uniforms are a hotly debated topic. Parents and administrators commonly contend that uniforms have a positive impact on students, while students, eager to express themselves through their clothing choice argue that uniforms are stifling and unnecessary. When deciding how you stand on the issue of school uniforms, consider the proven impact of school uniforms on individual pupils and the school community as a whole, according to Erin Schreiner, eHow Contributor.

School uniforms were more effective in improving attendance in mixed-race or primarily white or Asian high schools and middle schools. The effects tended to be most prominent among low-achieving students and students who were economically disadvantaged.

According to: Sara Murray

The rising cost of school uniforms risks "breaking the bank" for poorer families as more state schools demand costly branded items and local authorities cut clothing grants, a new report warns. Family Action says that uniforms are popular with parents because they "like the overall presentation and smartness" and because they hide "income differentials" as all children are dressed the same. It also suggests that most children like them as "they do not need to worry about having the latest fashions" and therefore do not feel under pressure from their peers. But it says there is clear evidence that the costs to families are rising as schools become more demanding – and as more local authorities withdraw financial support for children moving from primary to secondary school. The report also warns that the rising number of "academies" and "free schools" could push costs still higher as pupils have to wear distinctive uniforms, available only from specialist shops. This means they are unable to take advantage of cheaper offers in supermarkets.

Communicating by means of the clothes we wear is especially evident in the United States. Teachers may determine a student’s identity by their apparel. Pate (1999) found in her research that “School children, in elementary and middle schools, have a need to belong and look like their peers; consequently, school hours become the time for group bonding and identity formation”. We may find out that school uniforms will help students communicate in a positive direction, making more healthy choices, and still retain their identity with their peers while developing ownership and pride in their school and their own behavior. According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals the first public school in the United States to require school uniforms was in Baltimore, Maryland in 1987 (NAESP, 2000). Since then many studies are continually changing our thoughts and attitudes towards the mandatory use of uniforms by school districts. According to Lumsden many administrators support school uniforms. However, Lumsden said that only 10% of schools supporting the idea of school uniforms now have a uniform policy,and only 11% were studying the idea of school uniforms (Lumsden, 2001).


California's Long Beach Unified School District experienced a school crime rate drop of 76 percent in 1994 after mandating school uniforms. The district also saw an all-time high attendance record. Many believe that uniforms have the effect of increasing a student's focus, as clothes and fashion can be distracting. Checking that students are in compliance with a regular dress code is often time consuming for teachers and administrators, something school uniforms help eliminate. "As an elementary assistant principal in two suburban districts, I can tell you that the dress code took up a great deal of my time in the area of discipline," says Dr. Jo Murphy of the University of North Texas Department of Teacher Education and Administration.

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