Perception of Smartphones

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Célia Levy

Research on smartphones

This paper is about how people see smartphones today. To do so, I’m going to see what the purpose of smartphones was when it was first released, then, though a research among my family and friends, I will describe the use of it today and what the expectations are about this new tool of communication.

I. What is a smartphone?

A smartphone is considered to be a “compuphone” or an intelligent mobile phone that has the functions of a personal digital assistant. You can tape your data on the keyboard or on the touchscreen. You can manage many things thanks to a smartphone: it offers many applications such as agenda, calculator, web browser, emails, GPS, instant messenger, etc.

II. History

IBM Simon, the first smartphone was created in 1992. The major applications were a calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, note pad, e-mail, and games. It had no physical buttons to dial with but a touchscreen.

But at this time, the mobile network wasn’t developed enough to welcome this innovative product. We’ll have to wait until 2003 with the arrival of EDGE and 3G to have an extension of the smartphone market. Nokia (Symbian), LG, Samsung and Blackberry (RIM) were then the main competitors in this sector.

The real shift of smartphones happened in 2007 when Apple released its revolutionary product: iPhone (iOS). With its outstanding features, its very efficient touchscreen and the App Store, the iPhone hit a huge success and the smartphone democratization begun.

In the same year, Google purchased Android, an operating system for mobile devices and stood as the main competitor of Apple iPhone.

Today, the competitors today are :
* Android (Google)
* Blackberry (RIM)
* iPhone (Apple)
* Palm/WebOS (Palm/HP)
* Samsung (Bada)
* Symbian (Nokia)
* Windows Phone (Microsoft)

Here are some figures of the market share.

III. Ground research

I asked 17 people among my friends and family about their utilization of smartphones.

This is a research concerning French people.

The questions I asked were the following:
* Why are you using a smartphone and not a basic mobile phone? * Why would you expect in the future from these smartphones?

The answers to the 1st question were the following ones:
1. To be reachable anywhere anytime
2. To be reachable through all the possible way of communication (phone, emails, instant messenger, social network…) 3. To share information and data
4. To have access to the Internet everywhere
5. Because of one specific application/game
6. To play games (useful when you’re commuting or waiting for some people) 7. All-in-one / multifunction object (no need to bring a phone, a calculator, a notepad…) 8. To get information very easily and whenever we need it 9. Telephone

10. Facilitation of the basic functions (for example, to write a SMS)

The answers to the 2nd question were these ones:
1. Facilitate the exchange of data between all the smartphones not regarding the operating system 2. Use it as a transportation/loyalty/payment card
3. Develop cloud (in order to avoid connecting our smartphone to transfer data) 4. Develop third-party interaction: it means encouraging applications that can fit into all these operating systems and make more interconnection between all the applications 5. Battery

6. New applications (TV, games…)


1. The use of smartphones today

Regarding the answers people have given, we can see that smartphones are omnipresent in their everyday life. They like that it’s a compact and very useful tool since you can do everything with it (from the basic phoning functions to the games and social networking). One thing that has astonished me is the fact that “phoning” was just given by 2 people out of 13 for the 1st question “why do you use a smartphone?” We can deduce that smartphones are not really...
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