Perception of Filipino Values Portrayed in Pinoy Big Brother

Topics: High school, Pinoy Big Brother, College Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: December 9, 2012
I. Problem
Perception of Filipino Values Portrayed in Pinoy Big Brother

II. Methodology

This study employed the post-test only descriptive research design. The respondents would need to watch the video-clip first before answering the self-administered questionnaire because it required recall. The study was conducted in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines where there are more than 20 high schools, public and private, sectarian and non-sectarian. This helped the researcher to have respondents coming from different kinds of schools who might have different outlook regarding Filipino values. The place was also accessible for the researcher that made the data gathering easy. The respondents of the study were 84 public and private high school students in San Pablo City, Laguna. There were 20 respondents from SPCSHS, 24 from MSC and 40 from Dizon HS. There were nine males from SPCSHS, five were freshmen and four were sophomores; and 11 females, five were freshmen and six were sophomores. In MSC, there were a total of 12 males and 12 females. Among the males are four freshmen, six juniors and two seniors. Four females were freshmen, seven were juniors and there was only one from the seniors. There were no sophomore respondents from MSC because none of them were available during the time of the data gathering. In Dizon HS, 10 respondents came from each year level and each year level had five males and five females. The 60-minute video clip of PBB Season 1 which included day 97 to 103 except day 101 was shown to the respondents. An eleven-itemsurvey questionnaire was used for the post-test. The researcher used the stratified random sampling in order to achieve the objectives of the study. From a list of all high schools in San Pablo City that was obtained from the City Schools Division Office, the researcher randomly selected three private and three public highschools. Among the private schools were Liceo de San Pablo, San Pablo Colleges and VYP-MSC High School...
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