Perception of Cybercrime and Computer-Related Deviancy

Topics: Sociology, Computer crime, Pornography Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Perception of Cybercrime and Computer-related Deviancy

In the last few years, the number of computer and internet related crimes has increased greatly. Due to the technological nature of these crimes, the greatest challenge faced is how to deal with finding the perpetrators. For example, cybercriminals often use secure software in order to maintain their anonymity, and even when identified, they tend to be traced to other countries, further making their activities more confusing. As a result, the capture of said cybercriminals requires investigators to have a more advanced level of cybernetic capabilities, as well as have international associations with a mix of high and low technological tactics.

Having said this, society’s perception of cybercriminals is the same as that of other criminals, that they pose a threat to society and thus need be apprehended. However, there are those who do not see the commission of a cybercrime with similar severity. This is mainly because many do not see “computer crimes” as bad and because of this, the laws that have recently been passed have not been enough to deter cybercriminals. Many people associate computer criminals as “good” and not “violent” therefore are not considered bad or as “real criminals”. (Pfuhl, Erdwin H. 1987. Computer Abuse: Problems of Instrumental Control. Deviant Behavior, 8:113-130). Today, there exists numerous ways to minimize cybercrimes, such as credit monitoring systems, and software that ensures protection from computer viruses intent on stealing any personal information, thus making the act that much more difficult. There are also several things one can do to help prevent this. A business or company’s unattended computer system during non working hours is prone to acts of this nature from anyone with access, such as an employee, if not properly secured. By ensuring that adequate software is being utilized, software that periodically reports computer and system...

References: Russell Gordon Smith, Peter Nils Grabosky, Gregor Frank Urbas and Australian Institute of Criminology (2004). Cyber Criminals on Trial
Internet Deviance 101. ( ( Women’s Issues.
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