Perception Check

Topics: Cognition, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Perception check

-In a 2 page, I will inform the audience in 3 ways, why perception checking is a good tool to help people understand others.

Perception checking is just like looking at different picures that are shown to us where sometimes there would be a face but in actuality there was two or more faces hidden contained in that drawing as we examined the documents. Perception is important to help people understand other accurately instead of jumping to conclusion thinking the wrong thoughts. From my experience I learned its important to do perception check on people who usually are some way yet that day they are different. Sometimes, assumptions are correct, other times, they are dead-wrong and a potential trigger for conflict. Just like it happened to me with my boss. He is a pretty funny guy and very chill. One day I had a discussion with my boss and I told one of my co-wokers “i'm leaving” what I meant by that is that I was leaving home. Next day I see my boss not talking to me usually his very talkative and funny, and I felt like something was wrong. “Alvaro, usually your always smilling and talking but today seems like your mad” I said “makes me think that your still mad for what happened yesterday but it could be something that happened today right or wrong?”. “yes diego I heard that you were going stop working here”, alvaro said. Then I explained the miss understanding that happened. So it is vitally important that we are always observing and doing some major perception checking when ever we feel like someone is getting the wrong impression or maybe i feel like someone is thinking differently of me in some type of way. Another experience with perception check that I had was with my friend that barely texts with periods. One day she was texting me with periods and I felt like I had to do a perception check to see what was wrong with her. “i see you texting me with period something that you never do” I said “makes me think something happen at home...
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