Perception Cheching

Topics: Psychology, Gift, Cognition Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: July 29, 2005
July 28, 2005
SPH 109: Interpersonal Communication
Perception Checking Assignment

Name: Uloma E. Obi Context: Relationship/Expected responsibility

A). Describe the assumption you made about this person's thoughts or feelings.

My wife zina is not only the love of my life, but also my best friend. On father's day this year, I expected to get if not a wonderful gift, I will at least get a telephone call from her because I was attending a cultural convention in Atlanta Georgia on that weekend. Unfortunately, neither did I get the call or the gift. Her action led me to believe that probably that something was not right.

B). Describe at least two items of behavior (things the person has said or done) that lead you to believe your thoughts or feeling is accurate.

She did not call to wish me happy father's day and did not send me the wonderful gift that she had promised.

C). Give at least two reasons why your assumption about this person thoughts or feeling may not be accurate. (You may ask the person you are observing to help.)

(1). Maybe my son was giving her much problems and she may have forgotten to buy me any gift.
(2) Regardless of the issue at hand, she is still human and it might have slipped her mind that it was father's day.

D). what role did the following play in your perception?
State of mind (your state of mind)
Social role (of the person being observed)
Culture (of both parties)

To me, first impression always matters. This was our first child and it was my first father's day as a dad I had anticipated for this day months ago. I was really annoyed when she didn't call me that day, but was calling me four or five time every day before that day. In our African culture, the wife always plan important family events like birthday, father's or mother's days. It felt to me as a disrespect or disregard to my father hood.
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