perception and reality of technology

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Perception and Reality of Technology
Nowadays, technology is popular in our lives and greatly improves as time is passing. Technology has brought many benefits, but in reality, many people perceive technology as having negatively impacted our lives. There are three things of technology which can provide to us a better knowledge; faster ways of locomotion and communication are smart phones, computers, and televisions.

The perception is everyone knows smart phones can make life easier in many ways; Smart phones support a wide variety of other services such as text messages, emails, the Internet access, games, and photography; they allow us to reach anyone all around the world. By using smart phones for voice calls or video calls and text messages, people are able to keep in touch with others in a long distance. Today, with the development of cell phones, we can use them for our entertainment such as surfing the Internet, sending photos or downloading videos and games. Additionally, GPS in smart phones becomes an important part of our life. People use GPS in smart phones to find their way to home, work, restaurants, or shopping centers. Although we already have classical GPSs, smart phones are usually lighter, smaller, and faster than the classical GPSs. That is why smart phones are used by many people in around the world. According to a research, the number of people accessing the web through smart phones is increasing to over 17.4% of worldwide internet usage (Fox).

In the reality, smart phones have negative effects to students in the education environment. They distract students from their lessons and make them miss important notes. As students often text messages to each other; they may also interrupt other students. Most people do not control how much time they should use smart phones, they waste their time on smart phones: playing games, watching movies, and news updating. Moreover, smart phones disturb people when they focus on driving; and they...

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