Topics: Crime, Violent crime, Robbery Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The park in our neighborhood is unkempt; as a result, the park becomes a home for criminals and violence. People don’t do exercises in this park. Parents don’t allow their children to play inside it. Moreover, nobody use the park for entertainment. The question is why there is a park bit no one use it like a public place instead of being owned by dangers? One solution for this problem would be to rebuild it.

The primary problem is the crimes in the unkempt park. Because no one want to use it, it’s easy for criminals to convert this place into where they exchange or sell products which they rob from other persons like cell-phones, drugs, or guns. The crimes will get together at night; therefore violence will occur easily. After drinking beer or alcohol, the criminals may talk something that is pie-in-the-sky and bad words to others. For this reason, people will be aggressive and fight others.

To stop the problem, the government and families in this neighborhood should recreate the park. First, people should rebuild the park. Growing more trees, building a place for children to play, and building an area for exercise are many necessary things to do. Second, it is important that some people should do some activities in the park to show off others that the environment in this place is not dangerous anymore. If people feel good, they will join in that. Finally, we must hire a perfect security to protect the rebuilt park. To avoid someone want to damage the park or hurt people, security is essential. Following these steps will make families feel more comfortable to use it for recreation and exercise.

However this solution has limitations. The crimes lose their place to do small business, so it is unsafe for people to come to the park at night. For this issue, a good security will maintain safety for this area. Besides, individuals shouldn’t go out too late at night in the park so as not to meet the...
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