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Dr. Chrissy Helbling
Ethics and compliance are important in all organizations. Maintaining good ethics and compliance keeps companies running properly and making sure that things are done legally to protect the company as well as the employees. When dealing with the financial environment of the company, ethics must be upheld to make sure that all is fair to all that are involved. At PepsiCo the belief is to always do the right thing both ethically as well as responsibly. PepsiCo is continuously changing and updating their code of conduct as the laws change from year to year and have an impact on their company. PepsiCo believes that the employees are to embrace the company principals which are to, show respect in the workplace, act with integrity in the marketplace, ensure ethics in business activities, and perform work responsibly for the shareholders (PepsiCo, n.d., ¶3). In November, twenty thirteen, PepsiCo was presented leadership recognition for maintaining the best overall governance, compliance and ethics program. PepsiCo states their success is due to collaboration and partnership with internal colleagues and interested stakeholders and investors (PepsiCo, n.d., ¶ 3). The thought process behind PepsiCo’s ethics and compliance is a dynamic corporate governance that changes according to the busy changing environment. Some things that PepsiCo does to maintain ethics and compliance is to continue to redesign the proxy statement and improve the communication with the stockholders. PepsiCo takes to heart what the shareholders have to say and provide policy changes based on the feedback that they receive. PepsiCo offers the code of conduct in twenty five different languages as well as a twenty four hour, seven days a week “speak up hotline” that is available to anyone and everyone and is a way for people to report any violations. PepsiCo is a global company selling products all over the world and as a...

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