Pepsico's Talent Development

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PepsiCo’s Talent Development
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Talent Management – HRM 532

27 January 2011
PepsiCo’s Talent Development
1. Discuss how PepsiCo uses its talent to sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. PepsiCo’s talent management strategy believes that strong leaders are needed to be successful in the global market and they must possess the skills and capabilities to sustain company growth. The belief is fundamental to PepsiCo’s two talent management approaches, which includes a career growth model and a talent management model for leadership development. The career growth approach provides tools, processes and training to develop the company’s culture, meanwhile, the talent management model provides talent segmentation and a strong base that contributes to the company’s growth. These models must be aligned with the corporate objectives and strategic initiatives that in return allow the organization to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. 2.      Discuss three key elements of PepsiCo’s career growth model. PepsiCo’s career growth model emphasizes on basic elements the company values and consider fundamental to individual development. There are several key elements that the model uses to develop and manage talent across the organization. Some of those elements focus on the ability to achieve functional excellence, leadership capability and knowing the business cold. Functional excellence is an important part of career growth because the company expects its employees and managers to commit to the development of their functional knowledge. In addition to demonstrate functional capabilities through job rotations or new assignments, employees must show some leadership skill and behaviors that reflect the company’s culture and values. Leadership capabilities have become the cornerstone of the business and leadership development strategy at PepsiCo because it is one of the elements that are needed at...

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