Pepsi's promotional strategy

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Pepsi is an international soft drink brand, which is that every youngster relates to, but this definitely doesn't mean that other age groups are not its consumers. Pepsi's brand image is hip-hop, cool and lively so as to keep a refreshing attitude. Pepsi's target audience are mostly teenagers and young adults, and its advertising reflects this in every possible way. Its advertising strategy was aimed to reflect the target's interests and grab the audience’s eyeballs to go for reaction. However, the advertising and promotion strategy of a brand need to come in a variety of ways in order to cater to teens’ fast-changing taste.

Advertisement is a form of efficacious away of communication used to involve the audience and deliver messages effectively. For the sake of attracting the audience, suiting the desire of target audience and encouraging consumers’ purchases in a creative way are the prerequisites of a successful advertisement.

Lack of focus in Hong Kong marketing
Besides, Pepsi places less emphasis in their promotion in Hong Kong market. Although Pepsi’s advertisements in China has been very successful for the increase of brand image and China market has become one of the major markets in the Asia for Pepsi. When it comes to coke, people might think about Pepsi. However, customers in Hong Kong may not react in this way. (Kotaku, 2012)

Lack use of social media
With the lack of various kinds of promotion media, Pepsi is hard to fully penetrate into Hong Kong market. Most Pepsi’s advertisements in Hong Kong only include some TV commercial and a few number of printed advertisements, like the printed advertisement in the MTR Station which crossover with Ape, (PR Daily, 2013) Different media can be used, such as, advertisements in magazine, smartphone and Movie with a few minutes. (Buzzle, 2013). Increasing the variety of the media of promotion could access different types of customers and thus boosts the sales of the products by attracting more customers to purchase their products. What’s more, Pepsi’s company has insufficient ideas and various themes in their promotions that can catch the audiences’ attention. Pepsi often uses the same ideas in the advertisements that only show many celebrities with a short and meaningless story. Therefore, Pepsi has enormous reliance on the number of celebrity but not the content of their publications.

Suggestion of improvement
Pepsi should try to get into the lifestyle of HongKongers since the only way to get the individuals’ attention is to create advertisements which appeal to them. People are probably more willing to listen or watch the appealing advertisements. Take the advertising in China as an example, one of the theme in 2014 is ‘Bring happiness home’ which talks about Chinese New Year is a tradition that runs through all our veins; the saying goes, ‘Whether near or far, home is still home. Whether big or small, happiness is still happiness.’ it contains a large collaborative feeling to the audience and transmit the happiness to everyone. Therefore, it is fundamental to develop a message or concept, which show the characteristics of the brand and the products. (mUmBRELLA, 2014). With proper content and theme, their publication might be able to catch the eyes of the audience. Using various media in the advertisements is also able to attract different groups of consumers. Launching some interactive event or having some advertisement in innovative way may help promote their products by raising their awareness. By launching street events, the company can draw passersby’ focus as the advertisements are tangible right in front of the audiences. Apart from their focus, the events are interactive with the passersby. Unlike the traditional one-way advertising method, street event could be an interesting and interactive way to promote the products. Microsoft Japan is an excellent example in the interactive event. In 2007, in order to promote the Blue Dragon...
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