Pepsi vs Coke

Topics: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: November 9, 2009
When it comes to Pepsi and Coke many people have a preference and most will be able to acknowledge the distinct taste difference. In this taste test however I decided to not simply test whether or not a person could distinguish one cola brand from the other, but instead see if people with a preference could still distinguish a difference even if everyone around them was giving a different answer. I decided to test false consensus along with self-efficacy, self-concept, self-serving bias, hindsight-bias, and attributions. I chose six participants to help me with this study. Three were labeled confederates and did exactly what I told them to do. The other three each had different roles. One was a Pepsi drinker, one a Coke drinker and the last person did not have a preference nor did they drink pop on a regular basis. The first participant, who was a Pepsi drinker came into my experiment under the assumption that the experiment was simply a taste test in which I had gathered four people to taste one type of cola and say whether it was Coke or Pepsi. The confederates all knew it was Coke but I had already told them to say it was Pepsi. Before the tasting all the “participants” discussed whether or not they thought they could distinguish the difference. The Pepsi drinker seemed to be hesitant saying “well I don’t know for sure if I can tell the difference, maybe if I take a drink from each kind.” He even joked said “I definitely could tell the difference if I mixed it with rum.” The others varied, some saying they only drink Coke therefore they would definitely be able to label the cola. Then one by one, they took a drink and even though all three participants before him agreed the cola they were drinking was Pepsi, he said “no boys this is Coke.” I then asked him if he was sure, even though everyone else agreed it was Pepsi. He then started to second-guess himself saying, “well I’m pretty sure, I mean I always drink Pepsi and this really tastes like Coke”. After...
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