Pepsi: Choice of a New Generation

Topics: Michael Jackson, Pepsi, Billie Jean Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: September 23, 2011
17 March 2011
Pepsi: Choice of New Generation
Advertisements usually produce to sale more products. However, some director uses famous people to dominate their advertising and transfer their messages to the audience. In the Pepsi commercial by Bob Giraldir, Michael Jackson has a main role in having a successful commercial. Giraldir used Michael Jacksons Billie Jean music and dance to attracts Michael Jackson’s fans, especially teens and young people’s attention and gives them the message of happiness. They are doing group dance and sing together and show they are healthy and have energy. However. Giraldir in the commercial “Pepsi: Choice of new Generation” demonstrates h using music and dance can bring more happiness and attract people to buy product. Although the ad for Pepsi might not seem to directly effect consumers, the ad employs, Symbols and representation, thus promising products can bring them happiness.

In selling a product commercial has a main role to attract people to purchase goods. To have a good commercial director should have a good plan for attract more audience, there are few way to invite people to purchase the product. One way is using famous person. In the In the Michael Jackson’s “Pepsi Generation” commercial Giraldir use Michael Jackson to introduce Pepsi to audience. By using Michael Jackson in the commercial He attracts all MJ’s fans So this add is not only for young generation, it can also cover Mj’s fan which are more than billion. The Director easily attract young generation and import the messages to them. In the Michael Jackson’s “Pepsi Generation” commercial Giraldir use Michael Jackson Billi jean music and dance to attract its audience, however he changes the lyrics in the advertising. The Billie Jean music is in a best selling album of Michael Jackson, which has a lot of fans. The director uses the lyrics about Pepsi and talks to young people. He tries to transfer the messages to the teens and young people that they...
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