Peppered Moth Simulation Lab

Topics: Natural selection, Peppered moth, Peppered moth evolution Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: November 13, 2014

Data and Analysis
Life Cycle of the Peppered Moth:
Because their light wings are peppered with small dark spots. Predators of the peppered moth are flycatchers, nuthatches and the European robin. Larvae feed on the leaves of birch, willow, and oak trees. They change into pupae (cocoons) for the winter. They are given the name of carbonaria when black spots are present. Impact of Pollution:

Near the centre of Manchester during the industrial revolution the first moth was discovered, this was a process on the 19th century in which England especially faced a change and factories were build and they ran by burning coal for fuel, this result on a dark smoke surrounding the countryside, scientists started to study the difference on the color of the moths, and some think they were changing their colors the same way the larvae could match the color of the twigs. Others fought the chemical in the smoke darkened the moths. Natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin to explain how new species evolve. All types of living organisms have small differences between the individuals in the species. If one of those differences allows the individual to live longer, they will have more offspring. As that trait is passed on, the species starts to look more like the successful individual. Over time the species change. At the same time in 1986 J.W Tutt suggested that the peppered moths were an example of natural selection. Industrial Melanism is the process in which over 100 species of moth were observed to darken over time in polluted forests. Kettlewell Experiments:

An entomologist is a scientist who studies the field of insects; it’s a branch of arthropodology. Scientists test theories by making prediction based on the theory. Then they test the prediction to see if what they observe matches their expectations. Kettlewell did several of this tests predictions on of them being: Heavily...

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