Peoples Temple

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Jim Jones and the People’s Temple
Tina Okun
Aspects of Forensic Psychology
Professor Makin
April 26, 2015

This essay will discuss Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. The essay will explore the potential prevention of the massacre if Jim Jones had been profiled prior to Senator Leo Ryan and his members’ arrival. The essay will discuss the mass suicide in which occurred at the People’s Temple. Jim Jones will be discussed and how he could control the minds of hundreds of people. Constitutional ramifications of profiling Jim Jones will be addressed. Alongside, the media will be discussed in there participation of the events.

Introduction Jim Jones began a religious group of twenty followers in 1955 called the Wings of Deliverance, after leaving his position as reverend because the congregations resistance to a racially mixed church (Wunrow, 2013). One year later Wings of Deliverance was renamed Peoples Temple. The Temple was known for its’ social activism and services it provided to the community. However, by the 1970’s reports from the media changed the positive images of the Temple. The new images painted a picture of a religious group similar toa cult (Wunrow, 2013). In 1977 Jim Jones moved his congregation of several hundred followers to a remote area in Guyana called Jamestown (Wunrow, 2013). In Jamestown, allegations of tyranny and cruelty under Jones’s rule from relatives of Temple members prompted Congressman Leo Ryan and a group of Journalists to investigate (Wunrow, 2013). Ryan and several others were killed by a group of Jones’s followers when they tried to leave with Temple defectors. Jones told members that because of the murders the Temple would dissolve and that had to be prevented at all costs. On November 18, 1978, 909 Temple members took cyanide mixed with juice and died.
Profiling Jim Jones Jim Jones was a narcissist as he displayed all of the characteristics of a

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