People with Albinism

Topics: Albinism, Melanin, Human skin color Pages: 4 (714 words) Published: September 8, 2009
About 1 in every 17,000 people have Albinism

People with Albinism fail to produce enough melanin

Melanin’s role on protecting us from ultraviolet light is
understood but it also helps in the development of the
retina and brain and other interconnections

Many are legally blind- but most use their vision
for reading and do not use Braille

Even though most people with Albinism and
have low vision some still have good
enough vision to drive a car

Oculocutaneous albinism involves
the eyes, hair, and skin

Ocular albinism primarily involves the eyes, while
skin and hair may appear similar or slightly
lighter than that of other family members

There are only 2 known albino gorillas. One of them-
Snowflake was born in 1966 and died in 2003. There
is a bit of controversy over if he was a true albino
gorilla but it was said by one of the veterinarians
at the Barcelona Zoo confirmed that he had oculocutaneous
albinism or the equivalent to Type I-B or yellow
albinism in human beings

Snowflake sired over 20 normal dark haired gorillas,
though most of them died

The only other white albino gorilla was in
the wild with its mother, but soon the
baby vanished and was presumed dead

Albinism is inherited from the parents, and only if
both the mother and father have the gene

The gene for albinism is recessive

Tribes in Africa thought that someone with
albinism was a sign of bad luck and would
shun the person

People with albinism often have astigmatism

There are no tests that doctors can do to find out if
a child will have albinism because the
change is not in the same place each time.

The eye problems develop from the lack of pigment
in the eyes. The retina doesn’t develop properly, and
the nerve signals from the eye to the brain don’t
follow the usual path. The iris also doesn’t have enough
pigment to keep out stray light, so light can enter
from the retina also.

Treatment for the eye conditions...
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