People Who Pursue Their Own Intellectual Interests for Purely Personal Reasons Are More Likely to Benefit the Rest of the World Than Are People Who Try to Act for the Public Good.

Topics: Science, Alexander Graham Bell, Human Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: December 4, 2008
"People who pursue their own intellectual interests for purely personal reasons are more likely to benefit the rest of the world than are people who try to act for the public good." There are often both sides of the coin. While I believe that both who pursue their own objectives and who try to act for others can benefit the human, it is more probable that some selfish malevolent desires of human being lead him to the way which not only have no benefit to the whole society, but also undermine its situation. Large number of innovations and discoveries in the world has been done by those who followed their own dreams. The history is full of names of notable scientists such as Einstein or Newton who brought revolution to the world of science as they were motivated to satisfy their own thirst to have knowledge. While their motivators for these famous accomplishments were their inner desire, the results of their endeavors benefit others too. Other than scientist, there are lots of musician and artists who enriched the lives of human beings while they invest their time and energy on their own interest. Musicians such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach in different periods colored the lives of people and placate their soul. Writers such as Shakespeare caused a stir in the literature by his witty plays. In the other hand, there are so many eminent scientists who made all their effort for enhance the living conditions of human, and tried to help the whole world. Louis Pasteur is probably one of the most important benefactors of humanity. Suffering from the death of people from Rabies, he developed vaccination against this harmful disease. Alexander Graham Bell, during his life span, made tremendous efforts to improve the lives of the deaf. Another great example of people who act for the public good is Mother Teresa. No one who just thinks about his own can leave his comfortable life and choose to live in slums to help the poor. However, if one pursues his own intellectual...
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