People Who Live in the City Should Be Allowed to Keep Dogs

Topics: Population density, Population, City Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: October 1, 2010
A much debated issue this days is whether citizens should be allowed to keep dogs or not. Although there is no such law or regulation regarding keeping dogs in the city, many people agree that raising them in a high populated area is not a wise decision. In this essay, I will argue that people should not be allowed to keep dogs in a densely populated city, however that advise must not be applied in low populated areas.

The most important reason for encouraging people not to raising dogs in the city is there are no wide-open spaces for dogs. Regular walking and sufficient exercise are the cornerstones of a dog’s health and welfare. Most people agree that dogs must be taken for daily walks sufficiently often, and particular attention must be paid to meeting the dog’s need for exercise. But neither the space nor freedom of movement found in the country is available in the city. The modern city is a conglomeration of steel, glass, concrete, brick and asphalt; all formed into buildings, sidewalks and streets—all erected in limited space. Besides, people in the city tend to not have time for their pets because of busy working. Hence insufficient caring is inevitable.

Nonetheless, the subject of keeping dogs in the city still has many supporters. They say that the presence of dogs is necessary to guarding properties of its owner. This may be partly true. Some dogs have been watching the home and alert others to the intruder by barking - or even restrain and attack the intruder. However we don't need to use a dog to act as security guard in the city. There are many more effective methods of tackling criminal activity. Besides, because of dogs tend to be noisy, people in the surrounding area will be annoyed. It will be okay if the case was in a rural area. But in a city, it is different.

In conclusion, it is not fair to keep a dog in area of high population density. It would only make the dog suffers and disturbs the neighbor. However, I am convinced that dogs...
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