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Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding in an Organization
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Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding
In the modern competitive market, it is imperative for organizations and institutions to utilize available resources efficiently to be ahead of the competitors. Highly skilled employees are in high demand by various organizations to increase productivity. Consequently, human resources must be carefully managed through recruitment, selection and onboarding (Hernandez & Connor, 2010). Therefore, this essay will discuss the importance of recruitment, selection and onboarding in an organization.

Recruitment refers to the process of seeking out candidates for employment and motivating them to apply for posts in an organization (Hernandez & Connor, 2010). It involves attracting potential employees to express their interest in working for the organization. It creates a pool of applicants from which the right candidates can be selected. This can take place through advertisement in print media, radio and television, or online advertisements. It is the first link between job seekers and employers. Recruitment is a significant process because it discovers the sources of manpower to meet the staffing requirements of the organization (Dowell, 2010). Effective measures must be laid down in order to attract the best manpower by outlining the requirements of the position and qualifications. This will lead to the employment of only those individuals with the desired skills, which can add value to the organization. Once the applicants express their interest, selection exercise takes place.

Selection is the process of choosing and determining the applicants with higher possibility of succeeding in a job (Hernandez & Connor, 2010). It involves picking applicants with appropriate qualifications and the required competency for a given task. The candidates undergo a preliminary interview or screening before selection...

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