People Watching Paper

Topics: Brown hair, Primary color, Orange Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Observation Assignment
Location: Fashion Square Mall, Orlando
Begin time: 3:16pm
End time: 3:37pm
Date: Wednesday May 30, 2012

I am sitting just before the escalator to go upstairs to the food court and movie theater. I am sitting on a wooden bench with my girlfriend to my left. There are many shops surrounding me such as Champs, Pacsun, Traffic, Lids, Home Elements and Dollar Tree. The area that I will be observing is about 50 feet by 100 feet. There are 4 potted trees around me, one to my direct left, one to my direct right, one northeast and one northwest. There are also two fake plants directly north of me in between the two potted trees. There are two sets of stairs on each side of a long ramp to my left. As I look up, there is a large sunroof approximately 200 feet above me. It is sunny out today with few thunderstorms. It rained about 2 hours ago but has since brightened up and evaporated all of the water which means it is very humid outside. There is constant foot traffic inside the area that I am observing today. I am wearing a dark blue t-shirt and blue jeans. I have black shoes and black socks on. I’m not wearing any jewelry at the moment but I do have a visible green and black tattoo on the inside of my upper left arm. I have blue eyes and short brown hair. I have a cellphone in my left hand recording everything I see and say throughout this observation. My girlfriend is here to help me catch everything for the observation. She has long light brown hair with blonde highlights. She has no tattoos but she is wearing a black necklace with a pendant on the front. She is wearing a black tank top with jean shorts and black sandals. She has a notepad and pen in her lap that she is using to write down my observations. There is a smoking stand about 30ft to my northeast called “Smoke 51.” There is an older gentleman who has white hair sitting on a beige high-top chair. He is wearing khaki pants with brown shoes and white songs. Has a brown belt that...
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