People Waiting in Line Categorized in Three Groups: Passive, Aggressive and Indifferent

Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Kaleena Springsteen
English 101- Classification
Mrs. Bowden
4 March 2012
Waiting in Line
Every time people go out to a store, restaurant, or the movies they have to wait in line. No one really likes to wait, but to buy food or other items at the store, go out to eat, or see a movie there is always a line to stand waiting in. Some people have the patients to wait. They understand that the people behind the counter are doing their best. Others are impatient; these people do not like to stand in line. They may feel as though waiting in line is a waste of their time. Then there are some people who could care either way. They see waiting as no big deal. These types of people can be categorized in three different groups: the passive, aggressive, and the indifferent.

Standing in line with a passive person can make going to places less stressful. A passive person will let another person with less in their shopping cart go ahead of them, by doing this they do not upset others. These people find it difficult to say no to other people and let the things that really bother them go easily, rather than taking action. They accept the fact the line is long and will be waiting for a long period of time, even though passive people are not really happy with waiting.

Aggressive people have a different outlook when it comes to waiting in a line. They get frustrated easily and can behave violently. These people are sarcastic and rude to others who are waiting in line and to the people working behind the counter. Sometimes aggressive people can come off as pushovers and not caring about what they say, this can hurts people’s feelings. Being an aggressive person can cause problems.

Indifferent people can wait in line for long periods of time and not care one way or another if the line is moving fast or slow. These people are dispassionate about the things happening around them. An aggressive person accepts life the way it is. A passive person puts other before themselves...
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