People Resourcing

Topics: Strategic planning, Management, Organization Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: August 18, 2010
The report aims to look at the resourcing strategies adopted by Mid Lancashire Quality Textiles and to examine the issues inherent in the organisation. The report further looks at proposing resourcing strategies for the organisation backing with relevant examples to prove the points going to be discussed in the work. There are different resourcing strategies utilized by Mid Lancashire Quality Texitiles in attaining its major goals and objectives. A resourcing strategy of an organisation differs in some regards from organisation to organisation and this is due to the differences in the goals of the organisation that has been set. Each goal can be achieved and attained so as there exist pertinent goals and objectives that the organisation operates in. Bratton and Gold (2004) defines Human Resource strategies as ‘the coming together or the joining of certain decisions regarding the human resource policies and practices which are been used by mostly management to assist in the designing of work policies, selecting and hiring its employees who will function in the organisation, the training and developing of its employees, appraising the employees, and used in controlling and motivating the employees. In this regard as defined by Bratton and Gold, it can be deduced that Human Resource Strategies need to be assembled and utilized in an organisation so as to achieve their major goals and objectives. From this definition given by Bratton and Gold, it could also be said that in fulfilling the organisations goals, certain components need to be effectively put in place so as to actualize their major aims and effectively run as an organisation ought to. When explaining resourcing strategies, Price (2001) looks at it as involving three different situations which are in terms of its input. In other words, what the resourcing strategy adds into the organisation. The output which means the gains that the organisation has achieved. And thirdly the...
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