People Often Express Their Creativity Through the Arts

Topics: Feeling, Literature, Art Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: June 21, 2011
What is the best way for you to show your emotions? There are ways in which to express how you feel other than just the expressions on your face. Many people like to express their emotions through art. There are all sorts of ways to show how one may be feeling. There are countless ways to express one’s self, for example, Poetry, Dance, and music. Poetry is a great way for someone to express themselves, because it is unique to the writer, who may write about anything they may choose. Poetry is a short piece of imaginative writing, of a personal nature. The art of poetry is a form of literary art which can be a great way for someone to express emotion, and feeling. A poet can create amazing visuals using language which can make one feel a vast selection of emotions. There are also many kinds of dance one can do to express themselves. Contemporary dance is about expressing feeling and emotion using facial expression, certain movements and lyrics to tell a story, or give off different feelings. Cultures throughout the world have come up with different ways of expressing themselves. In Latin America, dance has become one of the most common forms of art used as self expression. Native American dance also pass down stories with their music and dance. Though many may think that it is sight, a human’s most relied sense is sound. When there is someone sneaking up behind you, you’re not necessarily going to see them, but you are more likely to hear them. Music and song is the most powerful tools of expression. It has become a very important part of our society for hundreds of years, and can make you feel all sorts of emotion. One may very often be able to find at least one song to fit their current mood, and have something to relate to. Many people find comfort in music. In a lot of ways, poetry, music, and dancing are the same. Have you ever thought that song you may have been listening to recently was poetry as the lyrics? The act of expression itself is a beautiful...
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