People Nowadays Are over Dependent on Technology

Topics: Technology, Industrial Revolution, Luddite Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Since the days of the industrial revolution, man has always wanted to improve his environment, or to make his life easier. Whether it was a way to speed up production of goods, better communication, or just improving and existing idea, man has yearned to exceed his boundaries and push the limits of his abilities. Technology is gaining a new height and achieving new success ever since from the beginning of its journey. Mankind had technology based tools since the beginning of recorded history. Technology is best known as making tools and machines by using our knowledge in order to invent techniques of doing various works in an easy, swift and proper way. Technology has helped us in every aspect of our lives from the day of its invention such as using machines, industrial works, doing researches, transportation, discovering new things, social connection with all, medical science, agricultural science and lot more. Science has improved to its best so far and has invented technologies that helps to get the work done properly. And that is the main reason behind having so many dependencies on technologies. According to my perspective, the dependence on technologies is good and it will help us on our way to deal with the difficulties of the future world. Firstly, technology helps us in order to make our life simple. As we look over the bright side of the achievements so far, we have come to realize that there is hardly any sphere of life that has not been enhanced by the creative abilities of science. Man invented various types of machines that helps us in many ways. These machines are extremely reliable for daily use at different work fields. Not by just getting our work done, technologies are also used for recreational purposes. Television, music players, computer games, internet browsing are few of the recreational sources we get through technology and are used heavily by people throughout the world. Secondly, technologies of modern age have always helped us by...
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