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Surf Excel

70% of the respondents said that they preferably use surf excel. • Almost 67 % of the respondents who use Surf Excel said that they are using it from more than five years, 17% said that they are using it from less than 5 years and 15%using it from less than 6 months • 20% using surf excel said that they use to purchase it every week. 21% said that they use to purchase it on fortnight and 59% said that they buy detergent once a month. • 70 % of the Surf Excel respondents

said that they would use the liquid detergent if the company will introduce it. And the remaining 30% said that they will not appreciateco this idea • Advertisement recall of Surf Excel is also very high 70 % of the people who use Surf Excel clearly recalled the different ads.

The Detergent markets of Bangladesh are developing rapidly now a day. Continuous improvement of quality, efficient marketing strategies and strong distribution network for detergent industries have worked miracle for developing a sustained Detergent market of Tk 617 crore in Bangladesh. The growth came along the footprints of some multinationals that established dominance through their strong marketing mechanism. A large number of firms produce toiletries products like toilet detergent, cosmetics and other perfumes. However, only seven firms control 95 % of the market share. These firms are Unilever, Keya Cosmetics, Kohinoor Chemical Company, Lily Cosmetics, Marks & Allys Ltd., Aromatic Cosmetics Ltd. and Squares Toiletries. An analysis of market share of soap, cleaning detergent, laundry detergent and detergents of major cosmetics and toiletries firms in Bangladesh reveals that Unilever Bangladesh plays the dominant role in the market. Global market researcher ACNielsen recently surveyed that in the year 2006 market of fast moving consumer goods increased by 6.7 percent in Bangladesh while in India growth was 6.3 per cent. The detergent markets of Bangladesh are developing rapidly now a day. Now, throughout this internship research has been conducted on gaining the consumer insights for this brand. Upgraded life style in villages, with detergent being the first preferred laundry input affordable to all, has led to the tremendous growth of detergent market. Local companies take lot of marketing activities to hold their current market share as well as grab another’s market position. To do this Kohinoor Chemical takes marketing plan for detergent so that white detergent could hold its market share. In recent years, market growth of FMCG including detergent is very encouraging in rural areas of Bangladesh, finds the market survey by AC Nielsen. ORIGIN OF THE REPORT

This report is written as a partial fulfillment of the internship program of MBA by A.B.M. Wahid Murad; Roll No.M0910039, major in marketing, MBA program for Chairperson, Internship and Placement Committee, Bangladesh University of Professionals. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Detergent is one of the popular and core product of Kohinoor Chemical Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. But it was unable to capture the maximum market share than other companies whereas industry growth rate of detergent is increasing. Now a day’s wheel detergent & surf excel is covering more than 70% market share among the all players. The present market share of Tibet detergent is not acceptable by the management that’s why; it is needed to identify the cause of not increasing the market share of Tibet detergent. In addition to this, it is also needed to identify why the competitors are doing well. This research paper will highlight the suitable marketing strategies for KCCL so that the KCCL can promote promotional and other marketing activities effectively to attract concern customer and can be a profitable business in Detergent Sector.  PROBLEM AND PURPOSE

Tibet is one of the major products of KCCL. Management knows that the quality, price and other benefit of Tibet Detergent is not very different from...
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