People Leaving Their Countries

Topics: United States, Developed country, Spain Pages: 3 (509 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Thousands of people leave their countries from all over the world to a country that

gives them a better life. Why do these people think of leaving their homelands? There are

lots of reasons for that but I think the most important ones are education, finance, and


The most important reason is to be educated because a lot of countries have bad

schools, colleges, and universities. Therefore, people immigrate to get educated and

intellectual. I was one of these people. I left my country Iraq and wanted to immigrate to

The United States so I could go to a good school that would help me get a better degree.

In my county Iraq all colleges and universities were old. In addition, it was very hard for

a girl to go to school because of the terrorists. The government didn’t provide any way to

help us. They didn’t support the education back there. Even though it took me almost six

years to get back to school, I was able to make it here. And I’m so proud of myself.

Another reason that makes people want to immigrate is financial. It’s actually a

popular cause. Many people are immigrating from poor and undeveloped countries, such

as my uncle, who had to leave the country because of the bad economy there. So to

secure his future and get his needs he decided to immigrate to The United States. He got a

better job now, he was able to buy his own house and provided and amazing life for his

family. He is in a higher standard of living in The U.S.A than his homeland. Even though

he faced a lot of hard time traveling and trying to get to a peaceful country, he made it

and he got what he wanted.

Health is another important reason why people immigrate. They have bad hospitals or

some of the poor countries don’t even have hospitals. So people can’t get any treatments.

They don’t have medications; also they don’t have any developed systems to treat people.

Some people who live in serious countries...
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