People in Organisations P3,M2

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People in organisations
Michael van den Berg

P3) Produce a basic and relevant job description and person specification for a specific job.

Are you skilled enough to work for the NHS!?

Role: Dentist.
As a dentist, you will mostly be examining the dental and oral hygiene of people, performing appropriate surgeries and offering sound advice to patients regarding their dental health and hygiene. Location:

The Dental post will be located at stoke Mandeville Hospital, in Aylesbury at the Dentistry and orthodontics services wing. Skills required:
* Operating dental gear such as X-rays and hand grinders. * Keeping a record of the patient’s dental structure and keeping up to date with developments in your field. * Working with a medical nurse and a medical receptionist. * Continuously updating training and specialising in the field of dentistry.

Qualifications required:
In order to become a professional Dentist, you will be required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery (BDS). This is typically a five year course with high entry requirements. Before you start work you will also be required to take a Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). Salary:

As a graduate dentist without experience you can expect at least £37,714 and if you are highly qualified and experienced dentist you can expect up to £100,674 per year. Hours/Overtime:
As a Dentist, you will be required to work a normal 9am till 5pm day, 5 days a week, although you may work some weekends and holidays, including other overtime. You will be paid extra for this. Employer:

As an applicant you will be working for the NHS(National health service),which is Britain’s top health institution, that’s been around since 1948!We are the single biggest health care institution in England and the rest of the world, which reflects our employees and their lofty standards. Key skills for Dentists

* Good communication skills.
* Patience with all types of customers.
* A thorough and methodical approach to your work.
* The ability to work long hours, often under pressure.
* Good ethical grounding and morals.
* Excellent team-working skills and leadership skills.
Person specification: Dentist

M2) Produce a detailed and relevant job description and person specification for a specific job.

Do you have what it takes to be an in-field Archaeologist!?
Position: Field Archaeologist
Organisation: English Heritage organisation.
Date posted: 27 September 2012
Country: England
Town: Colchester
County: Essex
Organisation background:
Historical England is a well-grounded organisation that strives to find and preserve all the heritage and monuments England has to offer. How we are run:
Historical England consists of three main sectors a commission sector, Executive board and funding from the Department of culture. The Commission is the governing board and establishes the organisations strategic direction and goals. The Executive Board runs the organisation from day-to-day and ensures the smooth, efficient and thorough performance throughout the organisation. Most of our funding comes from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the rest from donations and commercial activities. Job description:

Archaeologists examine ancient sites and objects to learn more about their past and history. Most archaeologists specialise in particular geographical areas, historical periods and types of artefacts found. Excavations are the archaeologist’s main means of recording and researching archaeological remains, but makes up only a portion of his work. Other work includes working for local authorities ,advising on the implications of planning archaeological digs, keeping in mind the conservation, display and research of artefacts and also working for universities ,giving lectures and carrying out educational work. Typical work activities:

* Surveying sites: including field walking, geophysical surveys and...
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