People Can't Succeed in Life Without Education

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Gao ZhiHao

Sep 27, 2012

People can't succeed in life without education

A lot of people think that in today’s society, having a degree is not very important for getting a better job and making money. Actually, they think they only need a chance which will make them succeed. Not only Bill Gates, but also Steve Paul Jobs stopped schooling and began to run their own company. As a result, both of them succeeded. Although some people seem not interested in going to school and they believe they can succeed even without any education, I believe education is really necessary to make us succeed in life.

Opponents of education think that the knowledge what we learn in our school is useless in society such as the fundamental theorem of calculus and Newton’s laws of motion. People cannot succeed by using difficult and boring knowledge. However, there is not only difficult knowledge, but also a lot of completely useful philosophies, which is summarized by great men or heroes long time ago, is used everyday and everywhere in society. For example, teachers in school always teach us that “Failure is the mother of success” which is the most popular philosophy and we use it everyday. In my opinion, it is very useful. People absorb and uses this knowledge in their life makes them never give up and succeed.

Opponents of education think they can succeed without any education by following examples of successful person. I think they make a very large mistake that they think they can do what Bill Gates, who can succeed without education, did. They think Bill Gates is really the best model for them. But, as we all know, there is only one Bill Gates in the world. Compare to Bill Gates, I don’t think everyone has the same IQ with him. Bill Gates can succeed because that he is very smart and he seized the rare opportunity. So, having education is very necessary in our life.

Ones who are against education also think that they also can...
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