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People are living longer nowadays

By simple7halo Sep 30, 2013 316 Words
One hundred years ago, the standard life span was between forty and fifty years of age. Nowadays many people live to the ripe old age of seventy-seven years or more. Obviously, the rapid development of science, as well as the improvements in our daily and working life has played a large part in producing longer life spans.

There have been many developments in the medical field. New medicines and antibiotics have been produced to treat and prevent diseases. Due to the availability of the flu shot, people do not die from influenza anymore. Technological advances in medical devices have helped in the detection and treatment of cancers and other diseases. eg the medical resonance imaging device, the x-ray machine.

People lead healthier lifestyles. Many people are aware of eating healthy foods. There are many low fat, low carbohydrate diets that have been popularized as people become weary of being overweight. People often go to the gym to keep fit after or before work. Some are taking part in outdoor activities on a regular basis. People often use self-help books to help them with any personal problems and to alleviate any worries.

Working life is not as stressful as a few decades ago. The work environment is not as dangerous or as unhealthy as in the early 1900’s. This eliminates a lot of job stress as well. People are not expected or forced to work more than eight hours a day unless they run a company department or own the company. Trade unions now protect the rights of some workers. This ensures that workers are not abused or taken advantage of.

Our ancestors long ago would never have thought of living beyond seventy years of age. Hopefully, as long as science continues to advance, and as long as we lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid overworking, we will have many years ahead of us to enjoy life.

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