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Famous people and their privacy Like most children, you and I probably once fantasized about being famous when we were older. Whether it’s mesmerizing thousands with music, or having a star role in an action movie, being a famous celebrity is something most people in North America covet in at least one point of their life. But famous people are always persuaded by photographers and reporters, which destroys their privacy, and enables the public to know the daily life of every celebrity. Celebrities have benefits and disadvantages, which have to face being famous people. When someone takes on the lifestyle of “the rich and famous”, he should understand and accept the good and bad things that are bundled with being a famous person. These type of people should know the consequences of being someone famous and have to be aware of the prices they have to pay being a celebrity. Furthermore, if normal people aren’t entitled to privacy, why should famous people be? A celebrity shouldn’t be treated as special individuals only because they are famous, and appear in television every day, or in magazines because of their scandals and nude pictures. In addition, if famous people are entitled to privacy, most of the magazines and television programs would be affected. Their work is based on these people, and if their privacy would be entitled, it would cause the break down of magazines and television shows. Also many celebrities become famous because they are exposed in their good and rational way, as in television shows and movies. I think that the public have the right to know everything about famous people, because what makes someone a celebrity or a famous person, is the common people, so without the public, famous people are nothing but single individuals. Why shouldn’t they be exposed in their private and real way, so that the public really knows who is that person? Celebrities should be afforded no more protection from the media than the average person. Dealing with the media and photographers in particular is a part of their job that should be expected. If Americans weren’t so fascinated with the lives of celebrities, then the paparazzi wouldn’t have a job and neither would the celebrities. There are a variety of steps that celebrities can take to lower the likelihood that they will be hounded by the media; and therefore they do not need extra protection until all other methods have failed. For instance, they could move out of the large cities and stop going to large nightclubs. They can call the police and request assistance, just like any other individual. Extra protection for celebrities will not stop the problem as the media will probably find new methods to get photographs and stories about the celebrities. Therefore, celebrities should not get extra protection from the media because there are steps they can take to protect themselves, and they took their job knowing how the media responds to celebrities.

Celebrities can only enjoy their extravagant lifestyles by being famous. If they were not famous, they would not be able to make any money. So, anyone who is bothered by being famous, should just get out of the game, and stop shooting movies or similar projects. They will be forgotten very fast then they would not have problem with media, who would stop bothering them. While they make money off being famous, they should not complain. However, their families might have not chosen the same path, and media should leave them alone. I feel that celebrities use the media for their own advantage. They tip them off to where they will be, and they sell their wedding and baby pictures to the highest bidders. Sometimes famous people choose to act outrageously and regular people wouldn't be protected if they did that. Celebrities know they are in the public eye, but they still chose to do drugs, drink and drive, cheat on their spouses, and do other things that will garner negative attention. They don't deserve any more protection than any average person when they bring the media's criticism upon themselves.

Thus, in summary, while it is true to that celebrities indeed deserve and need some solitude and privacy for various reasons, they should realize that constant media and public attention is an inevitable and intrinsic part of fame and fortune. This becomes even more pronounced and crucial in instances when they themselves seek glory and success in the eyes of people, because curiosity for a popular person is always aroused and sustained more by the constant feeding of facts and rumors by media and occasionally, by their own subtle and indiscrete acts.

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