Topics: Pharmacology, Drug, Illegal drug trade Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: January 4, 2013
last semester i learned lot of things including different type of disaster this includes the volcanic eruption, storms, earthquake and more i also learned about drugs how to determine and what does it cause but for me its No To Drugs. Drug abuse at the workplace is a serious issue in our society and will become even more serious in the future. In phillipines drug and alcohol abuse is already a grave workplace problem. Employees usually don’t leave their drug and alcohol abuse problems at the door when they enter the workplace. Companies have to face problems like the increase of accidents, medical claims, the workers tardiness and absentees, selling drugs to co-workers or stealing from employers. Drug testing at work can be one way to implement a more efficient work environment and control or monitor such difficulties.They also had random drug testing were they would pick a certain percentage of the employees and randomly choose people to take the test. In conclusion these drug tests make the workplace more productive, safer, and overall better for the environment. i also learned lot of things from the topic citizenship on the phillipines. The documentaries that we have watched show that the Philippines are encountering many problems in state of education especially on rural areas. The government seems to forget those places because they are the one who are experiencing many problems especially in lack of teachers and school supplies. Also, the buildings of the school needs more repair or should I say it needs to be change and have a new and a better building. The students in those schools are also suffering regarding to the distance of the schools they are attending. Also, the students are exposed to early child labor to help their family and because of having a big family; some of them can’t go to high school because of lack of money. Solving these problems is not that easy. Far areas are hard to contact with. Also, it is hard to find teachers who are willing...
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