Pension and Neutral Zone

Topics: 2006 albums, Pension, Retirement Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Hoosiers is a movie set in a small town in Indiana that chronicles the attempts of a coach with a controversial past, and the town’s basketball-loving drunkard, to lead their high school team to victory. Managing Transitions is a book not really only about changes, but more on transitions. According to Bridges, change is situational while transition is psychological. These two have parallelisms and similarities, however, some of the areas tackled in the movie and book just didn’t go together. Both are similar in that they tackled the phenomenon of change. Managing Transitions talked about change being situational: presenting examples like the move to a new site, the retirement of a founder, the reorganization of the roles, and the revisions of the pension plan. These are parallel with Hoosiers’ entry of a new coach in the person of Norman Dale, his new style that was unorthodox, slow and fundamental; a change from the old ways of training the team which revolving around the “just let the boys play” rule as well as Jimmy Chitwood’s entry to the team. These are the parallelisms; both dealt with the subject of change. According to Bridges’ book, there’s more to just managing these changes. He insisted that it’s not the changes that do you in, it’s actually the transitions. Transition is a process where people unplug from an old world and plug into a new world, which is described by the three phases namely Letting Go, Neutral Zone and the Beginning. This discussion paved the way for some of the contradictions the book had over the movie, Hoosiers. Coach Norman Dale for example, was successful in implementing a change that seemed impossible at first. He motivated to focus on the fundamentals. However, he was not really expressive in assisting the team with the loss of the old ways, nor was he able to provide support in the neutral zone and the new beginning of the players. The implementation of the change became successful not really because there were measures made...
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