Penn State Scandal
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Penn State and Second Mile Scandal
Strayer University
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May 2, 2014

Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky founded The Second Mile in 1977. The Second Mile is a nonprofit organization that was established to help young boys with disadvantage families and home environments. The foundation also provided support for their families as. The intent of the foundation was to assist youth with promoting self-confidence, also to assist in physical, personal and academic success. The organization came under fire in 2011 when the founder was charged for the sexual abuse of multiple children. The foundation has since had to close and is in the process of transferring all programs and assets to another similar organization.
Sandusky was an assistant football coach at Penn State University in Centre Town, Pennsylvania for over thirty years. He retired from Penn State in 1999 but was still given full access to the campus and all facilities. The allegations of the sexual abuse state that several incidents occurred on the campus. In 2011 Sandusky was charged with fifty-one counts of sexual abuse. A year later he was found guilty on forty-five counts and sentenced for thirty to sixty years in prison. This is a tragedy and has brought much negativity not only to the Second Mile Foundation he founded but to Penn State as well.
There are several reports that show abuse allegations and evidence of abuse involving multiple boys from 1994-2009. Sandusky met each victim through the Second Mile Foundation. Many are still in shock at the time frame and ask how the abuse could go on for so long. There were reports made over the years but due to cover up of top officials the abuse was never actually reported to the appropriate authorities. The cover up appears to have included many of the top managers at Penn State. To this date there appears to be no indication that anyone working with the Second Mile Foundation was aware of any abuse or unethical practices by Sandusky.

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