Pendulum Lab Report

Topics: Angle, Quadratic equation, Mass Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: October 14, 2012
In this lab we had to design a system that would test if changing the mass, angle of release and length would have any effect on the period of a pendulum.

As the length, mass and angle of release change, the period (T) will change for each one of these factors.

Lab stand
Fishing line
Hook for weights
Weighing scale
Logger Pro

Angle of release
Length of string
Mass of bob
First you have to set the lab up as seen above. Draw the protractor on a piece of paper and stick this piece of paper on a cardboard board. Attach this cardboard board to the lab stand with ductape. Attach the string to the lab stand and add the hook with mass to the string.

Then you can start testing the affect of change when the angle of release changes. Look at your protractor and release the pendulum at an angle of 10º. Press the timer as you let go and stop the timer as the bob made a complete cycle. Do this two more times so you have three trials for the release angle of 10º. Then make the angle of release 20º and do three trials again. Change the angel of release with 10º each time for 5 trials.

After testing the affect of change in the angle of release you can start testing the effect of change when you change the length of the pendulum. Start with any length and every time add a constant amount of extra length. Take three trials per addition of length and keep the mass the same. For example, you start with a mass of 50gr and a length of 20 cm, you test the period of the pendulum with length of 20 cm three times using the same angle of release. And after three trials, you add 2 cm, so you have 22 cm, and take three trials again, and you keep doing this until you have 10 sets with 3 trials.

As last we test the affect of change when the mass is changed. Start with a mass of 50gr and keep the length the...
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