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Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Website Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: March 6, 2013
December 7, 2012
Dear Friend,
I was so glad to hear from you. How have you been? Things are going well in my life. To answer your questions about the internet, I will start with the digital divide. As I understand it, the digital divide is about the haves and the have nots. The haves are the ones with digital technology, such as a computer, ipad, or a smart phone. The have nots are the ones that do not have these devices. I suppose the side to be on is the haves side. As far as a bridge, all you need is a computer with an internet connection. I do not believe that those who do not have more powerful or the more recent technology to be better, any internet connection will do. Once you get started with a computer and internet service, start surfing the World Wide Web. There is so much information out there to be discovered. Just about everyone has a website to visit or an opinion to express. Be wary, just like television and movies, not everything you see is real or truthful. To access the information, start with your own ideas. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. At first it may be a good idea to find websites sponsored by companies that you already know and trust. Those sites may lead you to others with similar ideas. That is one way to spread your horizon. Now you may run into not so trust-worthy sites. Reliability and credibility are just as important as access to the information. As I have already stated, start with companies you know and branch out from there. It is like a doctor’s referral. You trust your doctor, so you should trust a college that he suggests. Doing research on your own, perhaps you should look at more than one site on the same topic. I am not saying that the information would be honest if the two sites agree, but it is a step in the right direction. After finding the information, you should find out about the source. Ask, “Does the...
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